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The SKML aims to promote the quality of medical laboratory investigation involving diagnostics and treatment in order to raise and maintain the standard as high as possible. The External Quality Assessment Scheme (EQAS) involves the implementation of EQAS schemes of all medical laboratory disciplines.


New publication KKGT section

15-12-2022 - The KKGT section has a new publication: "Results from a proficiency testing pilot for immunosuppressant microsampling assays".

This publication describes the results of 3 rounds of immunosuppressant microsampling proficiency testing. Microsamples are blood sampling devices that only require 1 or 2 drops of blood from a fingerprick. There arevarious devices available such as Whatman 903, Whatman DMPK-C, HemaXis and Mitra tips. In this study, these various devices were compared in addition to regular whole blood to measure immunosuppressive drugs. These drugs are used by solid organ transplantpatients to prevent allograft rejection. It is very important that patient blood levels of immunosuppressants are within therapeutic range to prevent both rejection and toxicity.

You can find the full publicaton under menu Services>Publications.

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